Competition: CLR at ADE, 19/10/2012, Undercurrent Amsterdam (NL) – The winners!

Hurrah, fanfare, confetti!

In response to the Popperola competition of this week, whereby I had the pleasure to give away 2 x 2 tickets to Chris Liebing’s CLR party at the Amsterdam Dance Event this Friday, I received a great number of mails. Logical, since the event is sold out for quite some time now. Lots of answers were very inventive but in my opinion Alexander van Zweden came up with a terrific find, most likely using his mix panel as an inspirational source: Cue, Loop, Repeat. The second winner is Michel van Keulen, who came up with Celebrate, Live and Rave. And that’s exactly what I imagine he will be doing Friday night. Congratulations to both of you and if you feel like it, send a report when you’re back home and sober!

Competition: CLR at ADE, 19/10/2012, Undercurrent Amsterdam (NL)

Friends, let’s talk technooow again, because at the end of this week, from October 18th until October 21st, the city of Amsterdam (NL) will host ADE again. Yes, the Amsterdam Dance Event: a redundancy of, uhm well, dance related events in Amsterdam. Seriously, it’ll be massive, with elaborated talks about the future state of music technology, impressive showcases of the most up-to-date labels and parties with a line-up that’ll make you want to cry because no matter what hipster location with fabulous music you will be in, you’ll surely miss out on some other cool gathering. But my mind has already been set on one opportunity: the CLR party on Friday, October 19th at Undercurrent.

Since 1999, Chris Liebing has been passionately developing CLR into a top-quality techno label because, really, he cares for techno. Having gained a sort of top status himself, he is at this point able to work with the biggest names in the scene. Nevertheless he also has a keen ear for new talent and promotes those who he believes in ardently. And this ideology is reflected nicely in the line-up of this affair, which features Liebing himself, Terence Fixmer, Monoloc, Drumcell, Tommy Four Seven, Brian Sanhaji and Dj Emerson.

In his hometown Frankfurt-am-Main, which is primarily known for its high-finance environment, Liebing has set up his own Bank of Frankfurter Techno Talents (BFTT) which also includes Brian Sanhaji, a young, slick button-loving German who knows exactly in what settings the genre of techno will bounce best. Give Sanhaji the most awful track in whoomp whoomp music’s history and he’ll nevertheless master it so that it will be a dance floor bomb. His own productions are as tight as a Frankfurter banker’s ass so I can’t wait to check out his live set.

Monoloc is another Frankfurter whose career has been launched by Liebing. The latter gave this incredibly skilful dj a chance on CLR and I was amazed by all of releases from the start. CLR will release his debut album soon and I must say it’ll be one of my top ten musical outings of 2012. ‘Drift’, as the record is called, is a meandering journey into a forlorn but beautiful landscape scattered with remnants of the n-th industrial revolution. I guess he’ll unfold similar ideas about environmental planning for Amsterdam that night.

Then there’s Dj Emerson, who I witnessed wrecking Berlin party crowds several times. Originally from southern Germany, he now resides in the capital and remains a solid choice for promoters. One can always rely on his experience, his steady groove and overall funkiness.

Tommy Four Seven is British, but now lives in Berlin as well and his type of techno concurs finely with the city’s nightlife. Chris Liebing also soon recognised his abilities and brought out a few of his tracks and remixes. But personally I got hooked on his music thanks to his ‘Deer Code’ ep on Darko Esser’s Wolfskuil label and later, his incredible ‘Surma’ ep on Electric Deluxe. Indeed, those are two Dutch labels so I reckon he’ll know how to rock Amsterdam (can one actually techno Amsterdam? Well Tommy most definitely will!).

Furthermore there’ll be Terence Fixmer playing. Yes, it’s that French muscle music man! Do I really need to introduce him to you? Well, he’ll certainly make you sweat like a work-out you’ve never experienced before. And he’ll do it by means of a live set this time. You better rehearse while playing his ‘Comedy Of Menace’ album out loud. Plus, you’ll lose a few pounds, I promise!

Another headliner is Drumcell, leader of one of my favourite labels of the last few years, namely Droid Recordings. I must admit, when I thought of California ten years ago, I imaged blue, cloudless skies, a vivid sun, white beaches and roller-skating girls but Drumcell, who hails from that region, changed that preconceived opinion drastically. For he delivers this dark, uncompromised, pounding kind of techno that you associate mostly with industrial European cities with a cold climate. He hasn’t played at the Old Continent too often so I’ve got high expectations to hear him play!

Lastly, Chris Liebing will play. He’s the founder of CLR and lives in Frankfurt. He produced albums and tracks that shaped the genre. He does this great podcast which we all love so much. He never compromised. He’s passionate. He’ll burn Undercurrent to the ground, although the place is close to water.

If you’d like to warm-up already or want to get a sense of how the music will sound at this event, I’d say you check a recent recording of a back-to-back set by Monoloc and Dj Emerson at Lehmann in Stuttgart. You can find it here. Recently Tommy Four Seven in turn did a great podcast for Darko Esser’s label Balans, which is to be found here.

But there is more! Liebing also was so generous to give 2 x 2 free tickets for the CLR ADE party to Popperola, which I will donate to whoever who’ll do an effort and will mail…!

As you know, CLR initially stood for Chris Liebing Records – in the beginning it was as simple as that. In 2010, Liebing changed that into Create, Learn and Realize, a new and beautifully conceived acronym with the same letters. So, I want you to think about some alternatives, send them to and the best ones will win a free ticket to the CLR party in Amsterdam. Clergy, Laymen and Royalties? Cute, Loveable Robot? Cannelloni, Lasagna and Ravioli? Cockeyed, Laughable and Ridiculous? Be creative and send your best catch. Winners will be announced during this week! Good luck!