Happy 2014!

Here we are, in a new timeframe called 2014! Of course I would like to wish all of you loads of joy, luck, happiness, engagement and success during this year. As 2013 was, for me personally, full of wonderful and memorable events, the aim is evidently to continue the good vibe.

One of my intentions for the coming period is probably the same as the majority of bloggers has: to publicize MORE content on a MORE regular basis. So expect MORE reviews and texts about music records, concerts and dj shows, art, exhibitions and books.

So at the end of October 2013 I organized an exhibition in Antwerp with ten contemporary artists to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the legalization of the sale of and education about contraception in Belgium. The full text can be found here (in Dutch only). Now I also posted a series of images of that show. They were taken by Joeri Vanhamel (www.joerivanhamel.be) and can be viewed on my portfolio pages.

NaamloosThis year I will maintain to study art that specifically deals with sexual and reproductive rights. Eventually this will lead to a book publication but first I will present a part of my research at a session of the Women’s Caucus for Art during the Annual Conference of the College Art Association (Feb. 12-15 in Chicago, IL, USA). The title of my presentation is: “Say Goodbye to Coat Hangers”: Abortion as a Theme in Contemporary Visual Arts and How it Can Reduce Abortion Stigma. I’ll keep you informed about this and will post an abstract later.

Furthermore you’ll still be able to find plenty of music reviews on this blog and I will continue to teach at the PXL-Music (school for pop and rock) in Hasselt (B) for the student of the second year of Music Management.

Meanwhile, we should not only hope the world will become a better place but also put some effort into making that happen!


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