Sunny LaVista artist residency at the Frans Masereelcentrum, Kasterlee (B)


I quickly wanted to point out that at this moment I am doing a residency of two weeks at the Frans Masereelcentrum in Kasterlee (B) together with graphic artist Steebz Khuan (Steve Reggers) and musician/ music producer Le Chef Tournel (Dimitri Vossen) as a collective that goes by the name of Sunny LaVista.

While Chef will cook up fresh music, Steebz will draw and print – as the Masereelcentrum is a center specifically aimed at the graphic arts – and I will write. Our output will surefully be influenced by the splendid surroundings of the woods and fields of the area as well as by the talks, discussions, random remarks, deep cultural analyses, debates and chatter we will have by the three of us.

The purpose is to produce a limited edition 12inch vinyl record with a huge poster as a sleeve. Enclosed will be a silkscreen print of an image taken from the larger design. Meanwhile, sound fragments, reports, stories and loose drawings will be published on a blog set up for this purpose. If you’d like to check it out, you can find it here.



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