Music: Popperola’s Death Metal Album Intro Mix

Death Metal Album Intro Mix

I have always been intrigued by the intros that death metal bands use on their albums. Throughout the history of the genre, beginning in the mid-1990s, an album intro has become an almost standard feature to introduce the listener to the brutal, horrific atmosphere of the forty-or-so minutes that are about to follow. They pull you into a musical narrative of pain, fear and suffering. Lots of suffering. Hence the screams, the rattling of chains, the death bells, the low-toned and deep drones, the satanic voices, the sound of wind and of raging storms, the pompous synths and the samples out of old horror movies.

Sometimes there’s a relationship with the album’s content or with its title. A clear example of this is Bolt Thrower’s intro to “Realm of Chaos” which serves as the beginning of a tale of a total war between worlds. For “Necroticism – Descanting the Insalubrious”, Carcass put in an intro that is part of an array of short fragments that also function as intermezzos, thereby creating a certain coherence on that album. Often, bands also created instrumentals as intros like Unleashed did for their “Where No Life Ends”.

So I started assembling quite a few death metal intros and ultimately made a mix of them, as a kind of homage. You can find the result below.

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Popperola’s Death Metal Album Intro Mix featuring:

1. Bolt Thrower: “Realm of Chaos” (Earache 1989)
2. Marduk: “Panzer Division Marduk” (Osmose Productions 1999)
3. Sentenced: “Amok” (Century Media 1995)
4. Disharmonic Orchestra: “Expositionsprophylaxe” (Nuclear Blast 1990)
5. Grave: “Back From The Grave” (Century Media 2002)
6. Sentenced: “Down” (Century Media 1996)
7. Nocturnus: “The Key” (Earache 1990)
8. Obituary: “Cause Of Death” (R/C Records 1990)
9. Darkthrone: “A Blaze In The Northern Sky” (Peaceville 1992)
10. Gorefest: “Mindloss” (Foundation 2000 1991)
11. Sinister: “Cross The Styx” (Nuclear Blast 1992)
12. Grave: “As Rapture Comes” (Century Media 2006)
13. Morbid Angel: “Blessed Are The Sick” (Earache 1991)
14. Benediction: “Subconscious Terror” (Nuclear Blast 1990)
15. Xasthur: “A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors” (Profane Productions 2001)
16. Edge Of Sanity: “Nothing But Death Remains” (Black Mark Production 1991)
17. Sinister: “Aggressive Measures” (Nuclear Blast 1998)
18. Morgoth: “Cursed” (Century Media 1991)
19. Suffocation: “Suffocation” (Relapse 2006)
20. Carcass: “Necroticism – Descanting The Insalubrious” (Earache 1991)
21. Shining: “VII – Född Förlorare” (Spinefarm Records 2011)
22. Unleashed: “Where No Life Dwells” (Century Media 1991)
23. Skitliv: “Skandinavisk Misantropi” (Season Of Mist 2009)
24. Shining: “V – Halmstad” (Osmose Productions 2007)
25. Immolation: “Majesty And Decay” (Nuclear Blast 2010)
26. Deicide: “Legion” (R/C Records 1992)
27. Possessed: “Beyond The Gates” (Combat 1986)
28. Xasthur: “To Violate The Oblivious” (Total Holocaust Records 2004)
29. Benediction: “The Grand Leveller” (Nuclear Blast 1991)
30. Sinister: “Creative Killings” (Hammerheart Records 2001)
31. Entombed: “When In Sodom” (Threeman Recordings 2006)

Or check it here.


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