Publication: “Tinka Pittoors. Symbolic Violence” Monograph

Well I’ve turned nine… And it was great!

Because first and foremost the Popperola birthday party on that silly, extra day February 29th was wonderful! Yes, it was a treat and I would like to thank everyone involved, everyone that lend a helping hand, the people of Club Montreal (Leuven), all the people who showed up to dance and everyone that sent wishes and gave beautiful presents. Last but not least I’d like to show my deep deep deepest gratitude to Raoul Belmans and Stefan Goldmann, who were amazing to have as djs. Okay, I’m almost out of superlatives!

Now, some news on a different front: on February 16th, the first monograph of visual artist Tinka Pittoors was presented in Museum M in Leuven, Belgium. I had the honour to write a large text in the book and was granted the opportunity to edit the whole thing. Tinka Pittoors is a Belgian artist who creates colourful installations, assemblages, sculptures, paintings and drawings that consist of found objects – mostly related to garden decoration and road signalisation – and constructed elements. Last year, I curated an open-air exhibition with new pieces of Tinka in Leuven’s Botanical Garden (check it on my Portfolio pages if you like). From that moment, we discussed the possibility to conceive a book that ‘d give an overview of the artist’s career this far and that would lay out some directions that her oeuvre could possibly take in the future.

The book, which is titled “Tinka Pittoors. Symbolic Violence”, is published by Tinka herself and the graphic design is done by Kim Beirnaert and Pierre Stubbe, two highly talented art book designers who have worked with several important artists and institutions in the past. And I must say in all modesty: it just looks stunningly good!

“Tinka Pittoors. Symbolic Violence”, 2012
Dutch-English, 96 pages
Essays by: Tom Nys and Dominique Legrand
Excerpts by: Christine Vuegen, Ruth Loos and Jan Van Woensel
Edited by: Tom Nys
Graphic Design: Kim Beirnaert & Pierre Stubbe
ISBN/ EAN: 978-94-6190-768-4

You can find more information about Tinka and her work on Through this website, you can also order the book.

Finally, here are some photos of the book presentation night:

(c) Lotte Veuchelen

(c) Lotte Veuchelen

(c) Lotte Veuchelen

(c) Lotte Veuchelen


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