You really can’t image what I’d like to wish you for this new year! Because 2012 will be special: a year prolonged by one day… February 29th, leap day. My birthday! My 9th, hurrah!

Birthday celebrations are a traditional matter. But if you happen to have a birthday only once in every four years, this silly ritualistic feat turns into something… Hell… even MORE SPECIAL! This is why I always had a superbirthday on leap years. And it won’t be different this year. I decided to throw a good party again, in my hometown Leuven. YES, ON WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 29, 2012, THAT IS. I’ve already ordered fake, lighted palm trees, a lot of the finest persian pillows, a massive chocolate cake in the shape of Tony Smith’s “Die” and life-size cardboard standups of Lou & The Hollywood Bananas. Moreover, I’ve asked some people to play music that evening. Those people happen to be really good djs as well as really good friends. You might know them, I’ll give their names later…

But for now: be sure to make it a burning 2012. The matches are in your hands!


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