Review: Metope – “You Are My Beach EP” – Beachcoma

Metope is Berliner Michael Swanen is co-founder of the fine label Areal Records (with Basteroid and Konfekt) is manager of Omega Oz booking agency is producer of superb techno tracks on the aformentioned Areal and on Sender Berlin is a guy with a freaky sense of humour is now working on a production project cum live-act called Beachcoma together with Jake Fairley (a.k.a. Fairmont) and Pan/Tone.

The three musical and beer-loving comrades actually first started out with a label with the same name on which so far they only released material from themselves. “You Are My Beach” is catalogue number seven, an EP by Metope with a title that is poetic in its simple image use. Moreover, it contains three pieces of music that at first listen seem to be constructed in a simple manner but are poetic to a high degree as well.

They are firstly less straight-forward than the two tracks on Metope’s fantastic 12inch “Betaowl/ The Quiek”, put out by Sender only recently. The title song of “You Are My Beach” has some heavy basses, a twisted click pattern and deep sounds as a frame, around which a dark drone and high but moody notes evolve harmonically.

A similar structure of bouncy clicks supports a rather heavy pounding beat in “Ride Free”  but its warm synth tones gives it a thorough deepness. Finally, “Stranded” serves us with the same thick sauce but served on a more shiny platter.

All in all this an excellent effort of a great producer. I can only hope that he keeps up this standard, since a full-length is due soon on Areal. And please, more of those titles!

Metope – “You Are My Beach EP” is out since last week

Track list:
1. You Are My Beach
2. Stranded
3. Ride Free


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