Review: Emmanuel Top – “Addiction/ Revival EP” – Planète Rouge

Oh! My! Goodness! I got excited to the max when hearing that none other than Emmanuel Top has started producing again. Top, hailing from northern France, used to be a household name in many legendary Belgian clubs, from the early 1990s onwards. And yes, that’s where I kind of grew up musically. Remember “Turkish Bazar“? Remember “Acid Phase“? Without any doubt truely classic material.

Now, after more than ten years of utter silence, we welcome Top back with a first 12inch of what should become a series on Terence Fixmer’s imprint Planète Rouge. The A-side is called “Addiction” and is indeed an addictive slow-builder. No fringes on its main structure, simply an effective dark, industrial hook where upon several layers are being added during its course, until after several minutes some high notes appear and the track is being lifted to a sure height.

“Revival” (such a well chosen title) is more of a peak-time track, subtly moving into an extatic mood. there’s a simple, pounding beat, an industrial sounding pattern and an hypnotic, seemingly endlessly uplifting layer underneath.

It is as though Top never stopped doing his thing: these are superb productions that may come across as rather simple but have so much to them if you listen closely. Moreover, on a dancefloor these may work as precision bombs. More please, let there be more!

Emmanuel Top – “Addiction/ Revival” will be release March 1st 2011.

Track list:
1. Addiction
2. Revival


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